Black Friday Riots in Missouri

This seasons Black Friday sales were successful as always. But what was different in Ferguson, Missouri this year? The protests! This protest was brought up because of the controversial jury trial of Darren Wilson, a White police officer who had shot and killed a unarmed Black American Michael Brown. According too protestors linked with local mall demonstrators to shut down the Local Shopping Mall to try and draw links between economic inequalities and racial inequalities. The protestors were mostly Black Americans trying to show the purchasing power of Black Americans. Ferguson, missouri isn’t the only place protesting. In New York more then 200 protestors went to Herald Square and marched to protest in front of Macy’s stores. Other protests took place in Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, California, St, Louis, and the Bay area.

A protester holds a sign outside a burning Walgreens drug store after a grand jury returned no indictment in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

 According to 16 people were arrested because the peaceful protests took a turn in St. Louis when protestors started throwing bricks and vandalizing stores.There is also a report of some protestors throwing flares into news crew vans.                                                                       The protestors were also said to be illegally blocking the West Florissant Avenue. Also on Black Friday at the mall a lot of protestors lied down on the floor to symbolize corpses with “stand up, don’t shop” so shoppers weren’t able to get through them and shop. Also according to this article 20 people had chained themselves together  to block the doors to a Bay Area Transit Center. A participant from the 20 protestors said they were planning to lay down on the tracks for four hours to symbolize the amount of time Michael Browns body was left on the street. Out of the 20 protestors only 14 were arrested. Other news, over 300 angry protestors showed their anger by protesting on the grand juries decision to not indict the officer responsible for killing the 18 year old unarmed Michael brown. Protestors in Los Angeles are also making a showing and there are reported to e 371 Protestors arrested for being in the way of traffic.


All these protests will hopefully make the grand jury realize that they were wrong and them officer should have been sentenced to life like any other human who is responsible for a murder of any color person. Protests have continued nationwide ever since a grand jury decided not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

  nn_1_wilson_ferguson_resign_141130.nbcnews-video-reststate-560   Darren Wilson the responsible police officer for the death of brown has resigned from the police force. Maybe he feels bad, maybe he knows if he stays on the Unit people might try to get revenge, or maybe he really is a good guy and trying to help the community heal. Now that Wilson is free and the protests are over it is very intriguing to me to see what is soon to come from this topic. Not only did this topic spread Nation wide but it was reached upon by many many people and taken into recognition by NFL players too, which was viewed and explained to everyone watching. Resulting in a better spectrum view of this issue.



American Dream is to Leave America?

  The American Dream:


Why would some say that to live the American Dream would be too leave America? I think it is based upon opinion because most other foreigners dream of leaving their there countries, to Join us in the American Dream. The article I read based the American Dream all on Education and comparing us to other countries. This article relates the American Dream to our education stats. It uses facts like this “Among young Americans whose parents didn’t graduate from high school, only 5 percent make it through college themselves. In other rich countries, the figure is 23 percent.” The author Nicholas Kristof has a limited view spectrum about the American dream if all he can think about is how our education is worse then Russia and South Korea. People don’t just come to America in search of a High end education. They mostly come to America to seek jobs, opportunities, and growth. All around they want a better way of life and to purse their own type of happiness. Other sources have better insight on how to Live the American Dream. Like the article: It shows its view of The American Dream and portrays it too all in search of it. It takes facts all the way back too the days where the Declaration of Independence was made and it stated that all American citizens are to be “self-evident: that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” The American Dream is not one goal for everyone to reach. Every individual has there own wants and needs for their own individual DREAM. It all comes down too the quote where Thomas Wolfe said, “…to every man, regardless of his birth, his shining, golden opportunity ….the right to live, to work, to be himself, and to become whatever thing his manhood and his vision can combine to make him.” Both articles have examples of people reaching their American Dream and it comes down to this. If you have a plan to just retire and settle down and relax till you die, its a very reasonable dream. But if someone has their American Dream set at a higher standard they will obviously have to work harder to reach that goal before they can reach their form of the American Dream. For the first article, yes it would be nice to fix our education flaws but it is not the main issue to the reason why the American Dream is out of reach for some people now a days. Mostly its because people are too lazy or have no motivation to reach it. The second Article is on point and uses hard facts on why the American Dream is available to us. For our own prosperity and happiness         .american-dream-001

A third article also had a good point. Us Americans have life to easy that’s why we are lazy and don’t strive for the American Dream as much as Foreigners do. This is the break down of the Article and how we could possible fix our problems.

“The remainder of this column consists of paraphrased summaries of what an 86 year old legal immigrant thinks America will have to do to reclaim its moral and economic position in the world:

  • Restore America’s moral compass.  We have drifted away from being a country founded on Judeo-Christian values and have become a nation of self-serving takers who think “it’s all about me.”
  • Restore the family as the principal unit of society.  All of the various things we have substituted for family—living together without marrying, homosexual unions, fatherless children—are ripping American society apart at the seams.
  • Restore the Constitution.  Elected officials and even the Supreme Court regularly ignore the Constitution.  If they don’t like what the Constitution says, they find self-serving ways to rationalize going around it.  The Constitution is our national anchor that holds us steady in rough seas.  To ignore it is to cast our nation adrift on stormy seas with no way to maintain our course.
  •  Repeal Obamacare and start over.  Obamacare will not fix what is wrong with America’s healthcare system but it will destroy what was right.  The healthcare system definitely needs reform, but Obamacare is not the answer.
  • Limit the size of the federal government.  It has become an intrusive monster that is robbing Americans of their individual liberty, personal self-motivation, and work ethic.
  •  Restore public education and refocus it on building more learned, productive citizens.  It has become an enormously expensive baby-sitting service used to indoctrinate rather than educate young people.  Begin by establishing real standards and requiring every student to meet them.  Eliminate all of the artificial self-esteem oriented nonsense (everyone makes the team, everyone gets a trophy, everyone’s work is equal, etc.).
  • Get colleges and universities refocused on turning out truly educated individuals who can make real contributions to America while pursuing their own life dreams.  The tail is wagging the dog in higher education.  It is all about money and politics and the federal government is too deeply involved in it.  Restrict federal financial aid and guaranteed students loans to students who are majoring in professions that are actually needed in our country.  If students want to major in fields that lead to nothing more productive than the kinds of jobs they could have gotten without going to college, fine.  But let them pay their own college costs.  Why should the American taxpayer be saddled with more federal debt to finance a so-called education that just makes the college graduate dependent on the federal government for the rest of his life.
  • Restore the American work ethic.  Americans are entitled because the entitlement mentality is rewarded.  Take away all government subsidies except social security and Medicare.  Americans still have the ability to work hard, be responsible, and take care of themselves, but why should they when the government will do it for them.  When people have to work in order to eat, they will work.  This is the basis for that old southern saying: “Root hog or die.”
  • Require Congress and the White House to live according to the laws they pass—no exceptions.  It is easy to pass legislation when you can be exempted from it with nothing more than the stroke of a pen. Congress and the president should be subject to the same laws as the American taxpayer.  No special treatment for elected officials.” 

The final question is, what is your American Dream, and can you make it happen.


U.S. Airstrikes on Kobani

What is the U.S. doing to help the ISIS crisis? Step by step goverment officials, the president and Anti- terrorist organizations are tip-toeing to solutions. This process isnt easy, knowing how ruthless ISIS really is and what they are capable of doing. On October 14th the U.S. launched airstrikes on Kobani, Syria, in order to prevent the ISIS group from taking over the most effective located town to gain power for additional smuggling routes to arm fighters whom target mostly Christian’s (Chaldeans), Yazidis, Turkmen, Shiites, and Sunii’s . Turkey is also stepping up to help fight off ISIS by creating the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the southeast, near the border with Iraq. The move outrages Kurds and also frustrates U.S. officials who are counting on the NATO ally for support with the issue leaving the Turkish government to shift its policy and start to allow a limited number of Iraqi Kurdish members to cross from Turkey into Kobani to help fight against ISIS. Even though we have other allies willing to help out will it be enough? Will more regions or countries step up to help with the situation? Another struggle is that U.S. and Iraqi officials are concerned that if ISIS takes over Anbar it could lead to them closing in on Baghdad and the international airport located in Baghdad. Because Sunnis are prime targets of the ISIS there prime minister Hadi fails to encourage Sunnis to join the fight against ISIS, maybe because of fear or maybe because they are out numbered. But if they were to join with other organizations that are Anti-ISIS their odds would be greatly affected to a good outcome. U.S. Central Command has sent out U.S. fighter jets to conducted at least 14 raids near Kobani and the strikes hit 19 ISIS buildings and 10 targets, including command posts, sniper positions and a staging location. All in all the U.S. Military is said to have made 122 Air Strikes on the city. One question i must ask is. If ISIS is known to have been around since 1989 and then being taken over by Bin Laden “The most wanted terrorist of 2001” in 1999, why is it such a big deal now? Maybe its because the pee-wee clan of terrorist is becoming more violent and not holding back. ISI’s ranks are made up by former sons of Iraq, many of them had previously been commanders and soldiers in Saddam’s military while Osama was around. This could be another factor on why they arose progressively slow from 2003 till now. The CIA Director John Brennan states that it is top priority to take out the ISIS leader to stop the violence. One aspect he as a individual and as a orginization together should look at is, by now, all the years they had to progress, how many leaders could there be. How many packs could be out there that are starting to form among the savage islamic group of Iraq. And when will we figure out how to hit them where it hurts.

Kurdish armed fighters 2597616 Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.

White House intruder gets past Secret Service

On September 19 a man named Omar Jose Gonzales (42) a retired Army server, managed to jump the fence surrounding the White and run his way up to the White House front door and welcome himself in. Luckily the President and his family had just left to Camp David and were not there at the time of the intrusion. People of course are wondering how this could have happened when the White House has Secret Service Agents protecting the President at all times. So how exactly did this this man pull it off? Gonzales managed to run across the North Lawn up to the White House doors, carrying a knife and yet went unseen. No guard was present at the Front Door, which was even unlocked which made it easy for Gonzales to enter the building. The alarm box that alerts the guards of a entry was also muted. Why would it be muted? Even after Gonzales ran through the house and past the guarded hall he wasn’t taken down till he reached the East Room.

The day after the incident the Secret Service Director Julia Pierson ordered an internal review of its security procedures which then lead to the Secret Services criticism and further details on how to incident emerged and wasn’t handled properly. On September 30th the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform had a hearing to examine further how the Secret Service failed to prevent the intrusion on the White House. After three hours of questioning Pierson, and some members of both the House Committee on Oversight and the Government Reform stated that they had lost confidence in the Secret Service and asked for a investigation on the organization. During questioning Julia Pierson defended the Secret Service, but did admit that mistakes were made by both the agents and the officers. When asked why the doors were not locked staff answered “The door has been left open because of heavy use, and because the Secret Service did not think an intruder could reach it”. Another incident involving a violation with the President being in a elevator with another armed contractor which was not a Secret Service Agent was brought up and also being put under investigation.

Other sources with the Secret Service were saying that Gonzales was unarmed and taken down right inside the White House front door as soon as he entered. Why would there be two different stories on two different sites? Maybe the Secret Service is just trying to cover up their mistakes so questioning isn’t a option. The agent who finally tackled Omar Gonzalez had been serving on the security detail for President Obama’s daughters and had just seen the family depart via helicopter minutes earlier. He also was off duty and was just at the right place at the right time. If he wasn’t present how much further would Gonzales of had made it into the White House.

After Gonzales was arrested police officers found his car near the White House which had more then 800 rounds of ammo, a machete and hatchets. Earlier that year in July Gonzales was arresed by Virginia State Police and in his possession he had 11 guns, a ax and a map of the White House. In late September Gonzales was placed before a Federal Grand Jury, and was charged with “One Federal count of entering a restricted building while carrying a deadly weapon. He was also charged with Two District Law violations: Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and carrying a dangerous weapon outside a home or business.” All these charges on him could add up to a potential 10 years in Prison if convicted. Gonzales Ex-Wife says after his two terms served in the Army (1997-2003) and (2005-2013) that he had been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder. She also said it had gotten much worse after his second tour in Iraq, but he never disclosed what traumatized him exactly and she could never talk to him about it. She believes it could be a reason on why he did this.

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0414-secret-service-scandal.jpg_full_600pict77Eluding security in the White Houseomar-gonzalez

Ecomonics- Blog 1: Ebola

                                                                           Ebola Outbreak

As you know Ebola is the most talked about thing right now on the news. Why should we be afraid of Ebola? Ebola is not only a slow painful death sentence but it is something that you can get through the air like a cold. More know ways of getting Ebola are from contact with Bodily fluids like blood, urine, and sweat. Because this Ebola Virus is so easy to get it has taken hundreds of lives already in parts of the region where there is tropical rainforests like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and West Africa. This disease (EVD) “Ebola” comes from Fruit Bats and Monkeys.



Once infected the begining signs of Ebola start with a soar throat, muscle pain and a fever. Once that stage has past things only get worse and lead to vomitting, diharrea and bleeding.Once someone shows signs of Ebola that is when the Infectious stage starts and a process of a Incubation period starts from 2 to 21 days. Because Ebola is practically un-curable it takes 6 lives for every 10 people infected. This is more then half the people being infected by Ebola ending in a fatality. Because American airlines travel to places with Ebola there has been recent scares with Ebola infected people in Dallas and Texas. Now it has more states including ours wondering if it could reach us. People that have been Infecting in the U.S have mostly been hospital workers and nurses that travel to the infected regions or even worked with Ebola patients. Because Ebola is so easily spread anyone who has came in contact with the people are going under quarantine processes to rid the Ebola virus if is has been contracted in any way.

Ebola has no cure but scientist do have a experimental trial vaccine called the cAd 3-ZEBOV which is being used on voluntary patients in Oxford and Bethesda all undergoing trial 1. Also in West Africa there is another experimental vaccination called rVSV-ZEBOV, developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada is beggining to treat the Infected in West Africa again on Phase 1. It is also said that if Ebola is treated at early signs it improves chances of survival and with use of experimental drugs like ZMapp, and a combination of monoclonal antibodies helps alot. The Quarantine process for Ebola is necessary because if it ever does rich more populated states it will have a even greater rapid spread and because the outbreak took many lives in such a short amount of time in Africa, it  will do the same if it is not stopped in its place.The Quarantine is “a state, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or have been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.” Ebola is characterised as “an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a filovirus. WHO-chart


This is why we dont need monkeys as pets, Ebola is the new Aids.!!!Pet-Monkey-9149

About Foreign Policy


Foreign policy has been around for a long time. Foreign policy is the way the government deals with other nations, and the president is the one who has control according to Article 2 of the Constitution.

Foreign Policy is very important because it works with foreign governments, international organizations, and people in other countries to bring them together into arrangements to promote peace, prosperity, and democratic governments. This is very important now a days to keep allies and to work things out with the governments that are corrupt and missleading to their citizens. Because Foreign Policy is our nations goal it also help when nations work together with the United States, and these global problems can be dealt with carefully and successfully.

The United States Foreign Policy has a couple top goals for the citizens and they are to protect America and Americans, advance economic prosperity, human rights, and other interests of the United States within our nation, to gain international understanding of American values and policies, also to support United States diplomats and other government officials. All of the Foreign Policy goals are to benefit their citizens and the surrounding nations in need or the ones we are allied with for resources, and other important factors we need.

Americans all have different views upon Foreign Policy but as a percentage I would say most of them just dont want to get involved. Expecially when we jump in front of global issues involving places like Syria, Ukrain, Russia, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and even Lybia. We as Americans dont want to hop in that all alone according to 72 percent of Americans want the U.S to play a world leadership role and make it so that other countries apply the same standards to help other corrupt and under priveleged countries with their on going struggles with the economy and governments.

In my opinion I would in fact say that the U.S has gotten involved in alot of issues that we could have had bad outcomes from. This being said needs evidence. If you look at which only gives one example of something we got involved in and the many ways it could have back fired. It states that things can go terribly wrong when the U.S. intervenes in a foreign environment with deep sectarian divisions, an ineffectual government, armed factions, and the general complexities of the Middle East. Not only could it have struck a even greater hatred from the Middle East but it could have also made a wide coalition of terrorist threats from many regions. The U.S could have also lost many Allies for getting involved in such a long war. Next up is the ISIS, and we all know where this is going, could possibly even lead to a war with them which could last years.

I think we should only consider the citizens of the world as members of our global community only if they work with us and can contribute to the American Dream. World Peace and Economic Repair. The only people that we definately should not consider as a member of our global community are the regions in wich they are too corrupt to the point where the government can’t control their people and there is no stable Government that can improve in growth towards a contributtion like the allies we have. Untill the day they can do so they are not welcome.